TRBUG Inc is a member of Cycling Australia – Cycling Queensland

Each member subscription to Cycling Australia – Cycling Queensland includes a rebate paid to TRBUG Inc to offset administration and running costs

TRBUG Inc members decided to ask for a gold coin donation from each rider that completes a ride to save having to run sausage sizzles and raffles

Between the membership rebate and the gold coin donations TRBUG Inc can buy the Public Liability insurance  an Incorporated Club needs today

To join TRBUG go to the Cycling Australia page:

In the first drop-down select ‘Cycling Queensland’

A second drop-down will then appear. Scroll down and select ‘Toowoomba Region BUG’

Select your appropriate age group, either ‘Ride-Adult (19-64)’ or ‘Ride Senior (65+)’

For a Family Membership enquiry please ring Cycling Australia (03 9998 6810) , or use the form link below and email it direct to Cycling Australia: